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ALRIHLAhereinafter referred to as "AR"

AlRihla is the official ball of the 2022 Football World Cup. As a strategic partner of the brand, AlRihla has entered the blockchain to further promote the development of football. With the theme of "AlRihla under your feet, soccer dream in your heart", we will build blockchain soccer career.


In the future, ALRIHLA will develop its own soccer ticket NFTS, which can be used as World Cup tickets


Users can find out more about GAMEFI through the Coming soon


Using 3D/VR technology to give users a more realistic experience of the soccer World Cup


Become a league community of soccer fans with occasional social events

Economics of our tokens

During the development phase of the game \NFT, the tax ensures the liquidity needed for the safe construction. AlRihla will be the most unique World Cup project!

Trading NFT and casting NFT

Play live soccer and bet on live soccer

TO The Moon

Live Soccer

Soccer Quiz

NFT\Soccer Games

The Future of AlRihla revenue

In the future, AlRihla's plan will focus on the circulation of NFT and live soccer betting as the main core revenue point where users will hold and buy NFT to gain significant financial benefits, while at the same time being able to play soccer betting where the winning side will be able to gain high value returns.

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